Strategic & Precision Spring Lawn Scalping

Having the greenest, nicest-looking lawn on the block is every homeowner’s dream. While there are many ways to keep your lawn in the best shape, it is vital not to overlook scalping as an important part of your annual care.

Give your lawn a head start with "Spring Lawn Scalping".

Scalping is the removal of latent, straw-colored turf, that promotes earlier green-up and helps prevent thatch and weed problems later on during summer. We recommend that Bermuda and zoysia lawns are scalped every spring.

Growth Promotion

Bermuda and zoysia lawns lie dormant during wintertime, so scalping can help push its transition into spring growth. Scalping the lawn very low in the spring allows more sunlight to reach the soil and warm faster, helping the grass emerge from its winter dormancy.

Disease Control

In addition to promoting growth, lawn scalping also hinders diseases, which can be a source of constant frustration. Scalping your lawn removes a layer of thatch, and thatch holds moisture. Moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for disease, and unless it is removed in the spring, it will provide a haven for diseases in your yard.

Caring for Your Lawn After Scalping

We recommend mowing your lawn once a week throughout the remaining spring and summer months following a scalping. Skipping mowing will actually cause your grass to stop growing and start thinning out. Mowing your lawn regularly will help to ensure that you are growing a thick and healthy lawn that holds moisture better and keeps out weeds. We recommend short cuttings to promote spring growth and eliminate weeds in the fall. Visit our Lawn Maintenance page today to learn more about our weekly residential services!

Lawn Aeration can be offered with this service. Request a quote for scalping and aeration services today!

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