At Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf, we realize that the lasting health of your grass depends on the state of its thatch. Thatch is a layer of organic material located above the soil that is composed of partly decomposed organic debris (such as stems, roots, shoots, and clippings). When the growth of thatch is too substantial, it can prevent air and water from adequately reaching the soil, causing slow and inefficient growth. Our premier topdressing services will keep your lawn’s thatch layer in check, allowing for the faster growth of a healthier and greener lawn.

What is Topdressing?

Topdressing is the act of adding a thin layer of soil on top of thatch. Topdressing, along with core aeration, is the most effective treatment to control excessive accumulation of organic matter.

Benefits of Topdressing

Topdressing helps reduce the accumulation of unwanted material, and creates new pockets for air and water- especially when performed with core aeration. Topdressing quickens the decomposition of thatch buildup and, therefore, reverses its negative effects. In addition to controlling thatch, topdressing helps to level the surface of your lawn, and improve drainage. Continual applications of topdressing will help to lessen problems related to acidic, compacted clays.

platinum topdressing versus the other guys

What Makes Us Different

Many contractors will lay sod, without any topdressing treatments, on top of the clay soils. This simply leads to unhealthy turf grass and an unhappy lawn. At Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf, we never recommend using River Sand for topdressing. River Sand often consists of weed seeds that will cause headaches later once they sprout and begin to grow and spread throughout your lawn.

There are many reasons to add an amendment to sand for your topdressing. The pH level of straight sand can vary quite a bit. Furthermore, sand does not hold water or nutrients well, and over time, your turf will lose the ability to hold water and fertilizer. Although this may be the cheapest method initially, long term use of straight sand as topdressing can be very expensive. Using a good quality topdressing material will pay for itself many times over in saved labor and wasted chemicals and water.

Here at Platinum Topdressing, we use USGA (US Golf Association) grade topdressing sand that is guaranteed to meet strict USGA standards that have been researched and proven by the turf industry. From professional athletic fields to the lawn at your home, Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf is committed to providing our customers with only the highest-grade product, and topdressing applications available.

Computer-Controlled Custom Mixes

There is nothing ordinary about the topdressing mixes and soil amendments we use at Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf. Each order is prepared with precision to our exact specifications.

Our supplier uses fully computerized soil blending equipment, allowing us to have our Topdressing mixes accurately custom-blended, to provide customers with a high-quality product. And with double screening capabilities, we can be sure that our first load of mix is consistent with our last.

Our premier product has been sifted through a screen for proper consistency and purity. Our soil compost is naturally sterilized for purity from weeds and organically tested for moisture and fertility. At Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf, we only use high-quality topdressings mixes and sands that are intended for topdressing, not river sand, masonry sand, etc. Our standard Topdressing mixture is a USGA Topdressing Sand and compost mix. We can help you grow a thicker, greener, weed resistant lawn. To get your free satellite estimate for our topdressing service, visit our Request Quote page today!


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Customizable Soil Mixtures

At Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf, we can further customize your mix. The following amendments are in-stock and available for custom blending upon request:

  • Dolomite
  • Hi Cal
  • Wetting Agents (Maxand)
  • Peat, Profile, Maxand, Humate
  • Fertilizer, Lime, Compost
  • Black Topdressing Sand
  • Green Topdressing Sand