Synthetic Turf Services

Synthetic Turf Services

What’s the best new way to have beautifully manicured grass without constantly breaking your back doing yardwork? Try High-Quality Synthetic Turf!

Big Advancements in Synthetic Turf Technology Create Great Solutions for Metro Atlanta Homeowners!

Did you know that synthetic turf can be used today for so much more than football fields, putting greens, and sport arenas? If all you think of when you think of turf is your favorite enclosed NFL stadium, you don’t know turf! Because of some very sophisticated advancements in development and technology, Synthetic Grass is one of the fastest-growing residential lawn solutions across the Southeastern United States! It’s true! Every year, the usage of Synthetic Turf for home landscaping, communal leisure, and recreational purposes increases by 15%. Folks you know, maybe even someone in your neighborhood, is highly considering the positive effects that high-quality Synthetic Grass can have on your yard and your outdoor lifestyle, especially when installed by the experts from Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf. We have been one of Metro Atlanta’s premier Topdressing, Aeration, and Luxury Lawn Care Companies for years. And now with the expert knowledge of the very best Synthetic Grass installation and care techniques, we can offer great new solutions for all your residential and community area needs! Synthetic Grass is Great for these uses and many more:

  • Residential lawns
  • Communal play areas
  • Dog Runs
  • Outdoor pool areas
  • Canopy or Indoor areas
  • Backyards
  • Side strips
  • Rooftop Hangouts
  • Decorative Borders
  • Flowerbeds and Tree Areas

Choosing high-quality Synthetic Turf installation from Platinum Topdressing can help you save:


Cut out all that time wasted Cutting, Bagging, Edging, Trimming, Watering, Seeding, and Weed Eating your lawn


Eliminate the money you burn on expensive lawnmowers, weed eaters, edgers, seed, sprinklers, fertilizers, & gasoline


Enjoy Spring and Summer with your Family, instead of breaking your back maintaining your lawn


Your high-quality Synthetic Grass from the Platinum Professionals will stay beautiful and usable all year long

The Environment

Minimize the harmful effects of chemicals, herbicides, or even the residual effects of fertilizers

If you’ve been thinking about investing in beautiful, sophisticated, new synthetic grass for your home, business, or community, don’t wait any longer! Call Platinum Topdressing and Synthetic Turf today!


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Synthetic Turf

Syntetic turf can be used today for so much more than football fields, putting greens [...]


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